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Welcome, Destiny Blaine and Marc Alice!

Introducing a New Series from Dark Hollows Press:


Sins of Wolves: The Safe Mountain series

Written by Destiny Blaine and Marc Alice




In the mountains of Tennessee, there is only one safe place for pure young women to hide. To live there they must rebel against the new country's law and order and leave everything familiar behind. As they embrace an uncertain future, the women become the submissive mates to some of the most powerful Doms of our time.

Small town Tennessee is under siege. The Sins of Wolves, a local motorcycle gang, promises to protect the town while politicians vow to strip all innocent young women from their homes.

With an oath to protect the young, the MC arrives with one lone mission. They're not there to negotiate their terms. They're there to search and save.

They're looking for the confirmed. They want the condemned and chosen. And when they find them, they steal away with innocent women they fully intend to claim.

The Great Age of Innocence is upon us and for Sevier County locals the burning question is on the minds of many. Should families relinquish their loved ones to the national armies collecting young women to sell in an international sex trade or should they trust the MC and pray their daughters will eventually make it out of Safe Mountain alive!

Condemned and Chosen

Excerpt One

There’s an old sayin’ around these parts about bikes. Some folks, die hard bikers that is, say motorcycles don’t leak oil, they just mark their territory. In Sevier County, that was a common belief before the Great Age of Innocence began, before corrupt leaders took over the country with promises of much needed reform, the kind of political pitches that made a person stand up and pay attention.

Those oaths were a pack of lies all tied up in pretty little bows, kind of like those satin ribbons unsuspecting mothers braided into their daughters’ hair on their seventeenth birthday, the very day most young women were confirmed.

Time changes the definition behind simple words, just as it changes the meaning behind once-significant phrases and quotes.

The bikes roaring through town aren’t there to mark their territory. They speed through a city so quickly, they don’t have time to leave behind evidence that they’ve even been there.

The MC rides through the streets with purpose. They arrive for one lone mission.
They’re not there to protect or guard. They’re there to search and rescue.

They’re looking for the confirmed. They want the condemned, the chosen.
And when they find them, they steal away with the most precious of gifts, innocent women they fully intend to claim.

 Excerpt Two

 Chuck considered the possible outcome and reminded himself of Molly’s request. She’d never asked him to bring another woman into their bed, but she’d specifically asked if Romy could join them.

When Chuck didn’t respond, Laurel asked, “How do you know about the Senator?”

“I put Levi and Duke on Molly. We kept surveillance on her while we had time to do a background check.”

“And you came up with Senator Brighton, the very man who started trafficking our country’s young women?” She stalked him. “Brighton is the one who started The Enchantment Movement across the globe. He’s the reason people like you and me are slaughtered for harboring these young women in safe havens in order to keep them from being transported. What the hell were you thinking?”

“We didn’t know who she was!”

The door slammed against the back wall and Romy walked in as if she had always owned the right to be in that very room. “But you know who she is now and still you want me to go to bed with her.”

“It’s the only way.”


“You’re agreeing with him?” Laurel’s high soprano voice pitched an octave higher.

Romy shot Chuck a heated glance. “Sometimes you have to get in bed with the devil before you can raise a little hell.”

And Don’t Miss the Sins of Wolves Prequel

An Angel’s Wings is found in the Dear Santa: A Collection of Erotic Holiday Stories anthology, available now at Dark Hollows Press and all third party retail sites.

Jack scoured the area as far as the eye could see under the full moon’s light. The solid white earth stretched before him with more tracks and prints. He slapped his hand next to what soon became his sample, using his fingers to predict measurements.

“Jack, what is it?” Martha called out to him from their porch, but he didn’t have the heart to tell her of his suspicions.

His vision blurred. His eyes throbbed. It was like a drummer boy stood over him, beating his head like a worn-out drum. The noise became louder instead of softer as the vehicles raced down the mountain, drowning out that dull beat now pulsing in his ears.

Jack ran his fingers around the embedded paw shape, about twice the size of his hand. He rose to his feet and followed the trail, expecting to see a clear path straight into the forest. Instead, he stared out over an open field of freshly fallen snow.

His uncertainties left him to wonder about his child’s bleak future. Had he protected his only daughter or had he thrown Romy to the wolves, to a pack of dogs just waiting to strip away her innocence, maybe even her life?

His daughter had slipped away with renegades, maybe even outright rogues. Now, she was out there somewhere, riding with bikers, with men who were considered dangerous. These men stood against the new laws and order of a country shaped by indecision and scandal. They were thought of as defectors and traitors, yet Jack had entrusted his daughter’s life with them because the alternative guaranteed death and destruction wrought with horror and unknowns.

Sure, Romy faced an undetermined destiny, but given the alternative, she at least had hope. Under the cover of a dark, black night, Romy was headed for Safe Mountain, a legendary protective haven for innocent young women.

As a father, Jack prayed the place would live up to its name.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Have A Cover!

The book isn't officially available until Saturday, but I'm really excited and wanted to share it with you!

Here is the cover without the rest of the banner:

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lei Me Down - Excerpt 2

Once I get my cover, I'll be sure to share it with you. In the meantime, you don't mind my sexy guy filling in, do you? :)


It was so gorgeous here. I walked along the street, taking in the palm trees, the beautifully tanned people, the white limousines, and the lovely Romanesque architecture.

Luke and I were going to the beach later today. There was a luau tonight at the hotel, then we were planning to visit some Oahu sites tomorrow and then do some island hopping the next day.

I wondered how finding the body on the terrace below ours would affect our plans. I figured it wouldn’t overmuch. We didn’t know the man, had no connection to him whatsoever, and couldn’t contribute anything to the investigation.

And, yet, there was a homicide detective waiting for me when I returned to the hotel.

He was in the lobby and had approached me the instant I walked through the door.

“Excuse me, are you Mrs. Fontaine?”


He flipped open a wallet to show me a badge. Then he motioned the bodyguard forward.

“And are you Mr. Fontaine?” the detective asked.

“No.” The bodyguard put himself between the detective and me. “I’m with Mr. Fontaine’s security detail here on the island. Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Where is Mr. Fontaine?”

“He’ll be along in about twenty minutes or so.”

“Thank you.” He stepped to the side so he could see me beyond the bodyguard’s bulk. “Mrs. Fontaine, I’m Detective John Harker. I’d like to speak with you.”

“Of course,” I said. “I don’t know that I’ll be of much help, but I’ll be glad to answer your questions.”

“The hotel has provided us a small conference room,” he said. “Please step this way.”

The bodyguard stepped forward. “Wait. Mrs. Fontaine, shall I accompany you?”

“I’ll be questioning Mrs. Fontaine alone,” Detective Harker said.

“Very well. Then I’ll wait here for Mr. Fontaine.”

“Please do,” said Detective Harker. “Let him know I’d like to speak with him as soon as I finish talking with his wife.”

“Mrs. Fontaine, would you like me to take your bag up to your room?” the bodyguard asked.

My eyes widened. “Please.”

He nodded and took the bag. “I’ll see to it right away.”

Detective Harker, a man of average height, slender build, and thinning dark blond hair, led me back to a conference room with an oval table surrounded by six chairs. Although the table took up the majority of the room, there was a credenza on the far side of the room with bottled water and a coffee maker.

“Would you care for a bottle of water?” Detective Harker asked.

“No, thank you. I’m fine.” And I was…at the moment. I simply hoped this wouldn’t take too long. Something about the entire ordeal made me nervous. I was beginning to wish we hadn’t been the ones to make that morbid discovery.

And, with that thought, Detective Harker seemed to dive right into my thoughts.

“Mrs. Fontaine, you told the security guard here at the hotel that you were standing on your balcony at approximately seven fifteen a.m. when you discovered the man lying on the balcony below yours. Is that correct?”

“Actually, my husband is the one who first saw the body. He took a photo of me with the phone in his camera, and then he noticed the man lying on the veranda below us.”

“And did he immediately call security?” he asked.

“Of course he did.”

“Had you met the couple staying in the room below yours?” he asked.

“As we already told the security guard, we have not met them…nor have we met any of the other couples staying at the hotel,” I said. “We’re planning on going to our first luau tonight. Perhaps we’ll socialize some then.”

“Right. So you know nothing of the man you discovered this morning?”

“Nothing.” What was he trying to get at? Hadn’t I made myself pretty clear?

“All right. I guess that’s all I have for you for now.” He handed me his card. “Should you think of anything…even anything you can think of that might be trivial…about the victim or his wife….”

“Victim?” I interrupted.

“Yes. Mr. Columbus was murdered.”


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Best TV Kisses of 2013?

You tell me--did the person who compiled this video get it right? I think some of these kisses are pretty hot!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lei Me Down

I have fantastic news! My first erotic novella, LEI ME DOWN (published by eXtasy Books) will be released on February 1!

Since I don't have the cover art yet, I'm including a photo of this super sexy guy who could be Luke Fontaine. :)

Here is an excerpt from LEI ME DOWN:

After we showered, we returned to the bed.

“I’m starving,” Luke said.

“Wanna call up room service or go down to the dining room?”

He looked at the clock. It was only seven a.m. We were still on East Coast time.

“Let’s order room service,” he said. “I’m not quite finished with you yet.”

I grinned. “I like the sound of that a lot. What do you have in mind?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“It can’t be too much of a surprise,” I said. “We haven’t hit up that toy store we spotted down the street yet.”

He smiled. “Still…it’ll be a surprise…a good one.”

As Luke ordered room service, I slipped on my short black robe and stepped out onto the veranda to check out the view. I was standing against the railing with my hair blowing in the breeze when Luke, dressed only in a pair of shorts, snapped a photo of me with his camera phone.

“You’re gorgeous.” He joined me at the railing. He looked down and frowned. “But that’s not.”

I followed his gaze to the balcony below ours. A man was sprawled face down in a pool of blood.

I stifled a scream.  “Oh, my gosh! Hey! Hey, mister! Hello!” I stupidly waved my arm as if the man would get up and say he was playing a mean prank on someone.

“I’m pretty sure he’s not going to answer.”

“Then we’d better call the front desk and have someone see about him,” I said.
“I’m afraid it won’t do much good,” Luke said. “But I’ll call.”

Another excerpt coming soon....